Monday, June 16, 2014

Father's Day contest!

Hey guys! I'm doing a Father's Day contest through Facebook and/or Instagram! 
The rules are simple! 

1. Like my page
2. Email your pic to me (you and your father or kids and their father) or on Instagram use the hashtag #jcfathersday
3. Have your family and friends like your pic

Whoever has the most likes by the end of next week on Friday wins! The prize is a free bow or clip on my page of your choice!
Instagram: jazzy_creations

Thursday, June 12, 2014


Hey guys! I've decided to start a little side  business to try and make some extra money. Lord knows we all hate being broke! 

So here you will find the stuff that I make. Right now I've started off with bows and headbands. I will be eventually (hopefully if this biz is a good turn out!) adding more and different stuff! 

I'm not going to add every pic of them right now but you can find more on my Facebook or Instagram.

Instagram: jazzy_creations 

There's a bunch of different fabric bows on both of my sites! Check them out! :)